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This is the official site of SMAFA. Take time to browse through the site to answer any questions that you may have concerning our schools or some of the classes that you are interested in.  This site is updated regularly, so check back for updates!

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We have 2 locations to better serve YOU!!

We are located in Downtown St. Martinville at 321 South Main Street and our new school is located AT 121 COURTHOUSE ST NEXT TO MECHES DONUTS Breaux Bridge!

 Please call Heidi at 337-789-0853, email mrsheidileblanc@yahoo.com,  stop by one of our schools for more information...you can also find us on FACEBOOK!! 

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The Purposeof St. Martin Academy of Fine Arts is to share with each student a love and appreciation for dance and gymnastics.  In addition to Dance & Gymnastics skills, students will learn to appreciate the "connection" between movement and music.  They will be exposed to various aspects of dance study such as presentation, choreography, costuming, mentoring, conventions, competitions, etc.  In gymnastics, they will train on professional equipment & work on agility, flexability, coordination & team work.  In tumbling they will learn basic-advanced tricks & also work on flexability, agility, strength & coordination. Students may focus on different aspects depending on their development and interests. 
     The goal, in addition to providing the benefits of learning, self-discipline and physical skills, is to instill self-confidence in each child by developing their abilities to their fullest potential.  Students are not compared to others, but are encouraged to be the best they can be.  A sense of pride and accomplishment grows from discipline, practice, and hard work.  Ultimately, students are able to demonstrate their accomplishments and to be recognized by the school, family and friends for their achievements.


Offering Classes in: Dance (Ballet/Lyrical, Tap, Jazz), Hip Hop, Gymnastics & Tumbling.