St. Martin Academy of Fine Arts was founded in 1998 by Heidi deLaunay LeBlanc. The Academy has served over 1000 students in 20 years. We offer classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tumbling & Gymnastics.


Class Descriptions:

Gymnastics & Tumbling: A sport involving the performance of sequences of movements requiring physical strength, flexibility & balance. This class includes Stretching & Strength Training, Floor Tumbling, Vaulting, Balance Beam (4 Heights), Uneven Bars, Spring Board, Backhand spring Training, TUMBLETRAK, Basic Floor Combinations (Balls & Ribbons)& more. Come by & visit our 2000 square foot gym. Parents attend gym exhibitions every 8 weeks to see child’s progress. 

Dance: This class consists of Ballet/Lyrical, Tap & Jazz. Ballet emphasizes on poise, grace, balance and flexibility. It builds an excellent foundation for other styles of dance. Jazz is a fun theatrical dance with many different styles & lots of techniques. The term “Jazz Dance” has been used to describe a forever-changing form of popular and creative dance movement ever since the 1920s. It represents our popular culture, and as the culture changes, so does the appearance of jazz dance. Tap Dancing is a great exercise for both body and mind. You will learn the steps and combinations that have been passed down through the years while having fun in the process. 

Ballet/Pointe: Ballet is a 1 hour pure ballet class. Learn all the basics from Barre to Center to Across the Floor. Learn all the Ballet terminology while having fun in the class. Pointe is the action of rising to the tips of the toes while performing steps from Ballet wearing toe shoes. 

Hip Hop: If you love our Hip Hop Clinics, try this fun, energetic class. Of course everyone knows what hip-hop is, but in case you don’t, hip-hop is a variety of high-energy “street style” movement. An exciting class that gives dancers the newest trends often seen in music videos & performed to all there favorite songs! 

Performance Team: Classes include Ballet/Lyrical, Tap & Jazz. Travel to Conventions & Competitions. Perform for local functions. Auditions are held in  April for girls who qualify. 

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